"I have been fascinated by her work for more than 15 years; she has made soundtracks for several of my installations and I have performed as part of her city-based sound projects. In 2019, she was commissioned to make a solo sound work, Reduce the Time Spent Holding, for my exhibition at the New Museum in New York and we recently collaborated on an installation for the exhibition ‘Risquons-Tout’, currently at Wiels in Brussels."...

Urban Vibrations: Sound, Selfhood and The City In The Work of Magda Stawarska

[James Mansell, February 2017]

Listen. What can you hear? All quiet? Or is there a noise? Most of us rarely pause to consider the sounds around us. 

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Resonating the Visual: Printmaking and Sound Practice

[Magda Stawarska, December 2017]

Cross disciplinary practice has long been established in contemporary fine art but how might working in one discipline, influence that approach taken in another, especially in the context of printmaking and sound art?

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