Before Sound Screenprint @ © photo JJ

Before Sound

24 meter screen print Josh Horsley 
produced in collaboration with Magda Stawarska 

This 24-meter print was suspended inside the atrium. At The Harris Museum and Art Gallery.

Before Sound screen print utilises Planck Time, the quantum of time, the shortest objective period of time to conceptualise music as it exists without sound. Any audible pitch (for example, middle C (261.6Hz)), would not oscillate quickly enough to be heard in the time period.

The higher the pitch, the more quickly it oscillates.  Before Sound notates the lowest pitch that would oscillate quickly enough to complete within the time period, but it is too high to hear. The work intends to express music without a perception of sound.  The piece is a kōan.

A single note oscillating between G# and A is depicted 446 ledger lines above a stave.

Before Sound Screenprint @ © photo JJ
© photo: MakingArtMarks


The Harris Museum and Art Gallery  April to June 2018